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Welcome to the world of The Mad Guys.

What should I say? If you know us: welcome to the show.

In case you never heard of TMG, here's a brief historical overview:

TMG produced lots and lots of demos during the 1990s, featuring the looniest texts ever written on a ZX Spectrum along with mindboggling effects such as the first FSLP-Scroll.

The memberlist of TMG varied over the years, starting with DMC and some other guy whose name was probably TPR, but neither us nor himself remembers... Soon, Zaphod Beeblebrox joined and then things started to get really complicated: TPR (that other guy) left, Talisman joined the crew, Zaphod Beeblebrox changed his name to VISION and DMC also changed his name to XTerminator :-? So the last 'official' memberlist consisted of Vision, Xterminator and Talisman.

We got celebrity fame when Spectrum mag 'Your Sinclair' started to write about the demoscene after receiving a letter from Talisman (see here). Things got hotter when YS published reviews of our demos (here, here and here) and later even started putting them on their covertapes (here and here). Ah, those were the times...

Feel free to roam around, download everything there is and revel in nostalgy for those lovely days. If you think you can't take it anymore, why don't you try some of these links for a change?

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